Download failed?

Most of the time, the failed download is caused by the following reasons:
      1. The YouTube video or the movie files are no longer available.
      2. The network connection is unstable. 
      3. The storage of the cellphone is not enough. 
      You can try the following operation to resume download:
      1. Click the failed download task, and VidMate will refresh the link and try resuming download.
      2. Check the stability of your network (for example open YouTube in a browser and check if video plays fine.)
      3. Make sure your cellphone storage is adequate.
      4. Go to Me-Settings-Others and click Clear Cache in VidMate. 
      5. Try to download later, or delete the current task and restart.
      6. Try to upgrade to the latest version. 
      If the problem still can't be solved, please click the Feedback below to write us feedback. If you can attach a screenshot of the failed download page, it will help us to figure out the problem more quickly.

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